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Kappa Omicron Nu Forum: New Article

Postmodernism and Home Economics: Revitalizing the Conversation
By Sue L. T. McGregor, Mount Saint Vincent University

Abstract: Because we live in a postmodern time, the profession needs to continue to engage with the notion of postmodernism. To that end, this paper shares aspects of postmodernism and discusses whether or how home economics has addressed them over the years. Succinctly, home economists (family and consumer sciences, human sciences, human ecology) have rejected the ideas that society has no order, that ethics can be denied, and that there is no place for communicative rationality. In varying degrees, we have accepted relativism (unfortunately), pluralism, and complexity. The goal of this paper is to place postmodernism back on the philosophical radar of the profession as it moves forward into the 21st century.



Class Project Published in URJHS

The Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences is pleased to announce the publication, “Art: The Artist, The Land, The Community.” Four South Dakota State University students contributed manuscripts to this class project in the Honors Art Appreciation course taught by Dr. Leda Cempellin.
The theme grew out of the 2010 Upper Midwest Honors Conference: “Mitakuye Oyasin,” roughly translated in the Dakota/Nakota/Lakota language as “we are all related.” Artists studied were Maya Lin, Andy Goldworthy, Jim Deneven, and Wanda Gag.

New Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM Issue

Volume 18, Number 2 of Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM features the theme, "Using the Constructivist Approach in Family and Consumer Sciences." The following authors share accounts of creating constructivist learning environments:

  • Cheryl Mimbs-Johnson – University of Kentucky
  • Barbara A Clauss – Indiana State University
  • Jacquleine W. Jensen – Eastern Kentucky University
    & Maxine L. Rowley – Brigham Young University
  • Candace Fox, Mt Vernon Nazarene University
  • Jaesook Gilbert, Northern Kentucky University
  • Gale Smith, University of British Columbia

Dorothy Mitstifer, Kappa Omicron Nu Editor, concludes the issue with policies and support systems that are likely to enhance teaching in higher education.

This issue will be expanded as more manuscripts are accepted. This is an invitation to submit a manuscript. See the Call for Papers at

Human Sciences Working Papers

The Human Sciences Working Papers Archive is designed to facilitate communication across the human sciences, to stimulate comment, and to make ideas quickly available. A working paper is a pre-publication that is circulated to colleagues at the local level, via the Internet, or through conferences. Despite access to publishing options in the human sciences, the opportunity is largely unavailable (at least nationally and internationally) for sharing working papers of innovative theoretical notions, theory-generating research, and research in progress. The editorial process is lengthy and uncertain, and more than half are rejected on average. Even Nobel Laureates have experienced rejection. The greater problem is for professionals and the public who never have the opportunity to explore the current work and new findings.


Two new papers have been published:

Members are invited to share current work. Professional work is protected because the author holds the copyright.

African American Women: Contributions to the Human Sciences

Available Fall 2008 Editors: Julia R. Miller, Dorothy I. Mitstifer, & Gladys G. Vaughn Sponsors: Kappa Omicron Nu & Coalition for Black Development in Family and Consumer Sciences This book documents the significant contributions of African American women who have contributed to the specializations within the profession and to administration of programs in higher education and extension, among others. Many of these women have been pacesetters in serving not only academic programs, especially in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, but also African American families and communities. For further information, contact: Kappa Omicron Nu 4990 Northwind Drive, Suite 140 East Lansing, MI 48823-5031 517.351.8335

Publication – Qualities of Living: A Platform for Progress

Qualities of Living: A Platform for Progress – Author Barbara S. McFall offers an approach for defining and measuring quality of living for the purpose of expanding the focus on quality of living as the desired outcome of practice. This monograph describes a matrix that includes physical, mental, and emotional well-being and dimensions of intellectual, organizational, social, material, natural, and financial satisfactions. This approach could position Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences at the center of key societal issues involving quality of living, creating value among interested stakeholders. An annual measure of quality of living developed from this understanding would reliably identify emerging and met needs, establishing control of the quality-of-living agenda. More