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2016-17 KON Scholarship Winners

This year’s outstanding winners of Kappa Omicron Nu scholarships, fellowships, and grants span the country from Maine to Florida in into the heartland of Iowa and Kansas. Congratulations to each of the recipients on their fine work and our best wishes for continued success!

Leslie Doolie, of Iowa State University’s Omicron Gamma chapter, is the 2016-2017 winner of the Eileen C. Maddex Master’s Fellowship in the amount of $2,000. Leslie is pursuing a master’s in human development and family studies. She is “passionate about community support programs, parental education, early intervention, and helping children and families to meet their best possible outcomes.” Her thesis is on “Early Indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders Based on Infant Breastfeeding Behaviors.”

The Maddex fellowship is awarded annually from an endowment in the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund in honor of Eileen’s outstanding contributions to the field during her tenure as the Executive Director of Kappa Omicron Nu’s predecessor, Omicron Nu.

Grace Violette, of the Omicron Alpha Beta chapter at the University of Maine, has won the 2016-2017 Omicron Nu Master’s Fellowship. The $2,000 award is given biennially from Kappa Omicron Nu’s Centennial Endowment Fund.

Grace is particularly drawn to research in the field of dietetics. Her goal is “to help children and families to build healthy lifestyles together, using nutrition as a topic of family conversation.” Her master’s thesis is titled “Investigating the Relationship among Sleep, Stress, and Body Mass Index in At-Risk, First-Year College Students.”

Mark Landess, PhD candidate from Kansas State University’s Omicron Theta chapter, has been awarded the 2016-2017 Kappa Omicron Nu Hettie M. Anthony Doctoral Fellowship in the amount of $2,000. The Anthony fellowship is awarded annually for doctoral research from an endowment in the Kappa Omicron Phi Fellowship Fund in honor of Hettie’s contributions to the field as founder of Kappa Omicron Phi at Northwest Missouri State University.

Mark receives the award to pursue his doctoral thesis, entitled “Rolling Away the Pain: A qualitative exploration of medical cannabis versus traditional medications on the quality of life for veterans combating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”  He seeks to utilize the skills gained from his PhD program to “continue to grow as an educator and leader…. to help guide and mentor my future students, by encouraging and supporting them in reaching their academic goals, like so many have done, and continue to do for me.”

Fiorella Carlos Chavez, currently pursuing her PhD with the Omicron Pi chapter at Florida State University, has been named the winner of both the Omicron Nu Research Award and the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Grant for a total of $6,000. The Omicron Nu Research Award for $2,000 is presented each year in recognition of exceptional doctoral research from the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund. The New Initiatives Grant, typically for $3,000, is awarded annually from the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Fund. Ms. Carlos Chavez has been awarded $1,500 for the first year of her research, with an additional $2,500 to be awarded in 2017-18, contingent upon the success of her first year’s research into “The Health and Cultural Challenges of Male Latino/Hispanic Emancipated Migrant Farmworker Youth (EMY): A Pilot Study.” She receives the Omicron Nu Research Award to pursue her graduate program.

Fiorella’s goal is to become a family scientist with researched focused on the well-being of minority families. In endeavoring to make significant contributions to the field of family studies, she is acknowledges that “research questions, significant findings, and publications belong to the community one wishes to improve and serve,” and is committed to sharing her knowledge “so that mental health professionals, researchers, academics, and the population at-large can become an active agent of change.”

Kappa Omicron Nu is proud to recognize and support the work of these and other outstanding students and professionals in the Human Sciences with nearly $35,000 in grant monies annually. In addition to congratulating these remarkable students, we also thank their chapter advisers for their dedication and service to KON, and for their superlative commitment to undergraduate and graduate student success: Adrienne White, Omicron Alpha Beta, University of Maine; Jennifer Van Ryswyk, Omicron Gamma, University of Iowa; Gregory Harris, Omicron Pi, Florida State University; and Mary Molt, Omicron Theta, Kansas State University.

Kappa Omicron Nu Research Grant

It is a pleasure to announce that Dr. Ronald L. Mullis of the Florida State University has been awarded a New Initiatives Grant for 2010-2011. Dr. Mullis and doctoral student, Mercedes Nalls, will examine the advice and support of siblings and peers in identity formation related to the career and educational goals of emerging adults. The title of the research project is “New Initative: Relations between Sibling Support and Identity Formation Processes.”
Congratulations Ronald and Mercedes.

Kappa Omicron Nu Fellowship Awards

It is a pleasure to announce the following fellowship awards for 2010-2011.

  • Jennifer R. Walsh of the University of Maine – Hettie Margaret Anthony Doctoral Fellowship – Ms. Walsh is examining ways that a community-based participatory approach can understand the complex behavioral and environmental factors that influence health and quality of life among young adults, particularly concerning excessive weight gain.

  • Catherine C. Coccia of the Florida State University – Omicron Nu Research Doctoral Fellowship – Ms. Coccia is studying the role of overindulgent parenting in diet and health behaviors of emerging adults.
    Congratulations Jennifer and Catherine.

Announcing Fellowships and Grants for 2008-2009

Master's Fellowships

Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship – Ellen K. Knowles (Omicron Beta Epsilon) – University of Southern California – Historic Preservation

Doctoral Fellowships

Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship – Shannon Beth Wanless (Omicron Lambda) – Oregon State University – Human Development & Family Sciences

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship – Virginia M. Quick (Omicron Beta Alpha) – Rutgers University – Community Nutrition


Research/Project Grant New Initiatives Grant – Carol Darling, Ming Cui, Shridhar Sathe, Marsha Rehm – Florida State University – Adolescent Health and Well-being: The Role of Overindulgent Parenting

Special Undergraduate Scholarship LeaderShape Institute – Amanda Allegra (Omicron Beta Epsilon) – CSU-Northridge

Special Professional Award New Orleans Learning Inquiry with Margaret Wheatley – Barbara McFall (Omicron Beta Zeta) – West Virginia University

Kappa Omicron Nu Internships

Now is the time to invest in your FUTURE! You are invited to consider the internship programs available to Kappa Omicron Nu members through the Association of College Honor Societies.  Students have told us that their semester in Washington was a life-changing experience. One of our Summer interns said, “My summer internship was the most fulfilling experience. Working through WII gave me the extra guidance I needed to make the most of my opportunity.”

Washington Internship Institute

The Fund for American Studies

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars  

Announcing Expansion of Marjorie M. Brown Fellowship Program

Four Classifications of Awards Are Available to continue Brown's philosophical work using critical social theory

  • Dissertation Award
  • Award to Tenure Track Assistant Professors to support research agenda
  • Award to Associate Professors or Professors seeking support for the design and implementation of a a graduate course that teaches a critical science research approach
  • Distinguished Professor Award that recognizes and rewards the use of critical social theory in scholarship and research See Fellowship and Grants

Announcing Fellowships and Grants for 2007-2008

Master's Fellowships Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship – Susanna K. Scott, CUNY-Hunter College – Public Health

National Alumni Fellowship – Jessie Adala, Florida State University – Merchandising

Doctoral Fellowships Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship – David A. Olds, Kansas State University – Foodservice and Hospitality Management

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship – Gunnur Karkurt, Purdue University – Marriage and Family Therapy

Research/Project Grant New Initiatives Grant – Marsha Rehm, Florida State University – The Role of Spirituality in FCS Career Experience: An Exploration of the Narratives of Diverse FCS Professionals

Special Undergraduate Scholarship LeaderShape Institute – Katerina Martin, Washington State University-Vancouver