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Kappa Omicron Nu Forum: New Article

History and Potential of Home Economics in the People’s Republic of China: Implications for Philosophy of Practice
By Peng Chen PhD, Higher Vocational Education College, China Women’s University

Abstract: Home Economics in the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.) has experienced different stages of development from its introduction in the 1840s, to its cancellation in the 1950s, to its recent reconstruction in 1978 and onward. Home Economics’ history in the P.R.C. is closely related to the nation’s modernization process, and with the evolution of women’s social status (Chen, 2012). This paper begins by describing the ongoing modernization process in China. This is a concern for Home Economics because political and economic reforms deeply shape daily life. Two theoretical frameworks inform this analysis, Chinese critical theory of daily life, and social gender theory. Following an historical overview of the evolution of Home Economics in China, pre-empted with a discussion of women’s education in China, the paper turns to a conversation about the impact this historical context might have on the extant philosophy of Home Economics in China.