LeaderShape 2014


by Alyssa Willis, Omicron Beta Theta

It’s hard to describe an experience that changes your life. For that reason, LeaderShape is difficult to describe. At the institute, I was allowed to not only be myself, but also grow into a more self aware and open-minded person. In one week I was able to meet future leaders of our country. Everyone at LeaderShape was all of similar ages and had ideas that could absolutely change our world for the better.

At first, it is always scary to be open to complete strangers. However, the environment that was created within our family cluster allowed me to talk openly and honestly with a small group of peers that always were engaged with what I had to say. They helped me develop my ideas and future goals by asking thoughtful questions. Being a leader, you must be accepting of isolation or criticism. At LeaderShape, I felt neither. The other students were accepting of everyone’s thoughts while also providing helpful feedback.

Throughout the week we were asked to complete different tasks that forced us to look deep into ourselves and be critical thinkers. I felt like I was challenged in a way that pushed me out of my comfort zone but I was always intrigued to stay engaged to the discussions and activities. I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend LeaderShape because of Kappa Omicron Nu. Not only did I feel that I grew as a future leader, but I made friends and contacts that will last me a lifetime, and that is priceless.