2014-15 Fellowship & Grant Awards Recipients

Omicron Nu Eileen C. Maddex Master’s Fellowhip
Kelsie Nicole Doty – (Omicron Theta), Kansas State University – “Colorfastness of Natural Dyes Derived from Black Walnut, Osage Orange, Eastern Red Cedar, Mahogany, and California Redwood Mill Waste on 30/2 Wool Yarns.”
Ruth E. Hawthorne Research Grant
Crystal Duncan Lane – (Kappa Alpha Theta), Eastern Illinois University – “In the Shadow of the Ribbon: Experiences of Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer.”
National Alumni Grant and the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Grant
Virginia Vincenti – (Omicron Tau), University of Wyoming – “Understanding Elder Financial Exploitation in the Family: Identifying Relational Complexities.” Collaborators on the project include Axton E. Betz-Hamilton (Eastern Illinois University), Karen P. Goebel (University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Donovan P. Rudisuhle (Laramie, WY).
Undergraduate Research Award
Zachary Grunewald (Omicron Pi) and Mentor (Dr. Arturo Figueroa) of Florida State University – “The Effects of Oral L-Citrulline and Caffeine Supplementation on Arterial Function in Healthy Males.”
Undergraduate Research Award
Rebecca Walker (Kappa Delta Rho) and Mentor (Dr. Catherine Anstrom) of Olivet Nazarene University – “Nutritional Profiling Systems: Can They Be Implemented in Subsidiary Food Pantries for Reducing Nutrient Deficiencies among the Elderly?”
LeaderShape Institute Award
Alyssa Rose Willis – (Omicron Beta Theta) of Montclair State University
Chapter Scholar Program Grants – $15,000