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LeaderShape 2014


by Alyssa Willis, Omicron Beta Theta

It’s hard to describe an experience that changes your life. For that reason, LeaderShape is difficult to describe. At the institute, I was allowed to not only be myself, but also grow into a more self aware and open-minded person. In one week I was able to meet future leaders of our country. Everyone at LeaderShape was all of similar ages and had ideas that could absolutely change our world for the better.

At first, it is always scary to be open to complete strangers. However, the environment that was created within our family cluster allowed me to talk openly and honestly with a small group of peers that always were engaged with what I had to say. They helped me develop my ideas and future goals by asking thoughtful questions. Being a leader, you must be accepting of isolation or criticism. At LeaderShape, I felt neither. The other students were accepting of everyone’s thoughts while also providing helpful feedback.

Throughout the week we were asked to complete different tasks that forced us to look deep into ourselves and be critical thinkers. I felt like I was challenged in a way that pushed me out of my comfort zone but I was always intrigued to stay engaged to the discussions and activities. I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend LeaderShape because of Kappa Omicron Nu. Not only did I feel that I grew as a future leader, but I made friends and contacts that will last me a lifetime, and that is priceless.

Kappa Omicron Nu Awards for 2015-2016

  • Master’s Fellowship

Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship—$2,000 awarded annually from an endowment in the         Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund in honor of her contributions as Omicron Nu Executive Director.

National Alumni Fellowship–$2,000 awarded biennially by the National Alumni Chapter.

  • Doctoral Fellowships

Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship—$2,000 awarded for doctoral study from the Kappa Omicron Phi Fellowship Fund in honor of her as founder of Kappa Omicron Phi at Northwest Missouri State.

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship—$2,000 awarded annually for doctoral research from the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund.

Betty Jeanne Root Fellowship—$2,000 awarded biennially for doctoral research.

Marjorie M. Brown Fellowship—four classifications of critical science research awards are available; one award among these alternatives will be granted annually – $10,000.

  • Research/Project Grants Cross-specialization and integrative research is the research priority for the honor society. Multi-year proposals will be considered.

National Alumni Chapter Grant—$1000 awarded annually as a project of the National Alumni Chapter.

New Initiatives Grant—$3,000—awarded annually from the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Fund.

Kappa Omicron Nu/Ruth E. Hawthorne Research Grant–$3,000—awarded to tenure track assistant professors seeking support for a research/creative activities agenda.

  • Chapter and Undergraduate Member Awards

LeaderShape Institute Award
Service-Learning Grant Program – 2 @ $500
School Bullying Undergraduate Research Grant Program – 2 @ $500
Scholar ProgramVariable Grants to chapters
Program Awards – Total – $2,000
     Kids & Careers
     Undergraduate Research Chapter Project
     Social Responsibility – Taking It To the Streets
     Social Responsibility – Bullying Initiative
     Undergraduate ResearchThree annual $300 awards with matching awards for
mentors. Class papers, independent research papers, and creative projects are eligible
for the reward.

2014-15 Fellowship & Grant Awards Recipients

Omicron Nu Eileen C. Maddex Master’s Fellowhip
Kelsie Nicole Doty – (Omicron Theta), Kansas State University – “Colorfastness of Natural Dyes Derived from Black Walnut, Osage Orange, Eastern Red Cedar, Mahogany, and California Redwood Mill Waste on 30/2 Wool Yarns.”
Ruth E. Hawthorne Research Grant
Crystal Duncan Lane – (Kappa Alpha Theta), Eastern Illinois University – “In the Shadow of the Ribbon: Experiences of Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer.”
National Alumni Grant and the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Grant
Virginia Vincenti – (Omicron Tau), University of Wyoming – “Understanding Elder Financial Exploitation in the Family: Identifying Relational Complexities.” Collaborators on the project include Axton E. Betz-Hamilton (Eastern Illinois University), Karen P. Goebel (University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Donovan P. Rudisuhle (Laramie, WY).
Undergraduate Research Award
Zachary Grunewald (Omicron Pi) and Mentor (Dr. Arturo Figueroa) of Florida State University – “The Effects of Oral L-Citrulline and Caffeine Supplementation on Arterial Function in Healthy Males.”
Undergraduate Research Award
Rebecca Walker (Kappa Delta Rho) and Mentor (Dr. Catherine Anstrom) of Olivet Nazarene University – “Nutritional Profiling Systems: Can They Be Implemented in Subsidiary Food Pantries for Reducing Nutrient Deficiencies among the Elderly?”
LeaderShape Institute Award
Alyssa Rose Willis – (Omicron Beta Theta) of Montclair State University
Chapter Scholar Program Grants – $15,000

Leaders in Family and Consumer Sciences

Leaders in Family and Consumer Sciences

—-DEADLINE EXTENDED: Please submit nominations by November 30, 2014—-
Leaders in Family and Consumer Sciences
Call for Nominations, Authors, and Reviewers

Joan McFadden and Ruth Ann Ball in collaboration with Kappa Omicron Nu and Dorothy Mitstifer are undertaking the publication of Leaders in Family and Consumer Sciences to document and recognize individuals who have contributed to advancing the quality and impact of the profession of family and consumer sciences/human sciences. Recognition will be given to educators, administrators and managers, human service and business professionals, researchers, and others in the multiple practice settings and content areas who have contributed to the development of the field of study and practice.

Nominations, authors, and reviewers are solicited for biographical and autobiographical manuscripts that recognize contributions that have not been documented in a book. Send an e-mail to to nominate leaders and volunteer as author and/or reviewer. Nominations, authors, and reviewers will be accepted until October 30, 2014 or until such time as book page limit has been reached. Timelines for completion of the first draft will be set with authors.

Read more about Guidelines for Authors and Submission Procedures here.