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Taking It To The Streets

This project was initiated by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Soap and Detergent Association to address the H1 N1 influenza pandemic threat. Kappa Omicron Nu will collaborate in addressing this critical social issue as part of the national Social Responsibility theme. Health is among the Seven Wonders of the Socially Responsible World; thus this initiative will help chapters demonstrate social responsibility and develop leadership at the same time.

A program guide for the TAKING IT TO THE STREETS project can be found on Initiatives on the menu on the KON Website, This guide has application for high school and community groups.

Join us in addressing the H1 N1 threat.

Zimmerman Reports on LeaderShape

When asked about her experience at LeaderShape, Jessica Zimmerman of Kappa Alpha Tau Chapter of Bradley University, replied, "I had more than a good experience. LeaderShape was extremely inspirational and life changing. While on [the LeaderShape] campus I made friends with students and facilitators from all over the country. Throughout the week I learned from both the 'course' material as well as my fellow peers.

"The experience was very structured and intense with impacting messages and activities. Each of the six days had a focus, including (a) building community, (b) the value of one, the power of all, (c) challenging what is to what could be, (d) bringing vision to reality, (e) living and leading with integrity, and (f) staying in action. Of all the days, the fifth, which focused on living and leading with integrity and staying in action was my favorite. During this time we defined our individual top three core values, explored the six pillars of character (trustworthiness, fairness, respect, caring, responsibility, and citizenship), talked about dealing with complexity, explored the steps of forgiveness and its importance, and created a vision for who we want to be. Along with the above subjects in large groups, we also broke into our family clusters (a group of twelve with whom you work througout the week), small groups, and pairs.

"The sturcture of the program . . . encompass[ed] many formats to meet the needs of all learning tyes. If given the chance to return, I would without hesitaiton. I strongly recommend LeaderShape to anyone, whether a current leader or not; anyone who is willing to dedicate and challenge themselves throughout the program will benefit greatly from the program.

"Thank you very much for awarding me this opportunity; it was an unforgettable experience."

Kappa Omicron Nu sponsors one LeaderShape scholarship annually. Scroll down at


Internship for GO GREEN!

For more information about this internship that puts students at the center of environmental policy in Washington, DC, see All KON student members are eligible for $500 merit-based scholarships. The partnership with WIIDC and the Association of College Honor Societies has resulted in 84 awards. This opportunity for experiential education provides powerful learning experiences.

Announcing Social Responsibility Theme

The Kappa Omicron Nu Assembly of Delegates recently approved a resolution on Social Responsibility.

Program objectives include the following;

  • Promote, encourage, and strengthen leadership development at all levels of the campus community in regard to social responsibility.
  • Engage in a dialogue among student groups regarding social responsibility.
  • Commit to a leadership role in increasing campus and community awareness of a local issue or concern.
  • Serve as role models of leadership.

The following proposed actions are encouraged:

  • Collaborate with unit administrators and faculty and/or with other honor societies or student groups on campus to determne ways to promote social responsibiity during 2009-2012;
  • Develop an action plan to promote social responsibility;
  • Institute activities to promote social responsibility, evaluate them, and revise to enhance their effectiveness; and
  • Publicize accomplishments and recognize participants.

All members and chapters have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the quality of living.

Beattie Receives Undergraduate Research Award

Amanda Beattie of Baylor University received an undergraduate research award at the recent Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Institute and Undergraduate Research Conference in Nashville, TN. A member of Kappa Gamma Theta Chapter, Beattie presented her research entitled, "Acceptability of Restricted Sodium Content in Meatloaf Among Adults Over 50."

This award was funded by the Council for Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences to promote undergraduate research through the Undergraduate Research Community for the Human Sciences. 

Congratulations to Amanda!

Awards for Undergraduate Research Manuscripts

The Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences announces awards for manuscripts in Volume 7 (calendar year 2008). The Undergraduate Research Community (URC) instituted these first-time awards and will continue annual awards.

  • First Place – Catherine McBride, Stephanie Collins, Connie Bell, Casey Quinn, & Sheri Worthy* – Mississippi State University – "Parent's Influence on Children's Weight-Related Behaviors"
  • Second Place – Rachel Barnett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln & Linda K. Crowe*, University of Nebraska-Kearney – "Traditional vs. Electronic Storybooks during Adult-Toddler Interactions"
  • Third Place – Brittany Gower, Christine E. Hand, and Zachariah K. Crooks – Huntington University – "The Relationship between Stress and Eating in College-Aged Students"
  • Honorable Mention – Heather Davis – James Madison University – "Gender Gaps in Math and Science Education"
  • Honorable Mention – Desiree Raygor & Jennie Osseck – Truman State University – "Use of a Focus Group of Youth in a Juvenile Detention Center to Recommend Programming Based on the Results of a Developmental Assets Profile"
  • Honorable Mention – Debra Lin – The Unversity of Texas-Austin – "Are Thy Pledging 'I Do' to Virginity Until Marriage: An Examination of the Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Abstinence-Only Sexuality Education"

From Volume 7 with its 36 manuscripts, these awards represent high honor.

* – denotes faculty mentor


Kappa Omicron Nu Hosts Conclave

The Kappa Omicron Leadership Institute & Undergraduate Research Conference at the Radisson Hotel Opryland in Nashville focused on the theme: Leading with Excellence & Social Responsibility. Consultant Sue Stratton-Radwan of Leading Edge Mentoring of Grand Ledge, MI, led delegates in exploring "The Seven Wonders of the Socially Responsible World" through the Appreciative Inquiry process. Documenting the interactive process was Nashville area graphic recorder, Peter Durand of Alphachimp, Inc.

The Appreciative Inquiry process led delegates through discovery, dream, design, and destiny steps to develop opportunities and plans for engaging in activities that further social responsibility in the areas of peace & security, education, environment, health, social justice, prosperity, and innovation/technology–the Seven Wonders of the Socially Responsible World.

Student Board Members Elected

The following Student Board Members were elected to the national Kappa Omicron Nu Board of Directors at the recent Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Institute and Undergraduate Research Conference in Nashville, TN:

  • Amy Lehman – Kappa Alpha Chapter, Northwest Missouri State University
  • Tiffacy Oster – Omicron Lambda Chapter, Oregon State University
  • Julian Trivino – Omicron Pi Chapter, Florida State University

These new Board members join the elected officers:

  • Chair – Sammie Garner – Kappa Gamma Upsilon Chapter, Appalachian State University
  • Chair-Elect – Deborah Tippett – Kappa Delta Omicron Chapter, Meredith College
  • First Vice Chair – Barbara Frazier – Nu Theta Chapter, Western Michigan University
  • Second Vice Chair – Kathleen O'Rourke – Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter, Eastern Illinois University
  • Executive Director – Dorothy I. Mitstifer – Omicron Tau Chapter, East Lansing, MI

Congratulations to the Student Board Members.