Monthly Archives: June 2008

Announcing Fellowships and Grants for 2008-2009

Master's Fellowships

Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship – Ellen K. Knowles (Omicron Beta Epsilon) – University of Southern California – Historic Preservation

Doctoral Fellowships

Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship – Shannon Beth Wanless (Omicron Lambda) – Oregon State University – Human Development & Family Sciences

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship – Virginia M. Quick (Omicron Beta Alpha) – Rutgers University – Community Nutrition


Research/Project Grant New Initiatives Grant – Carol Darling, Ming Cui, Shridhar Sathe, Marsha Rehm – Florida State University – Adolescent Health and Well-being: The Role of Overindulgent Parenting

Special Undergraduate Scholarship LeaderShape Institute – Amanda Allegra (Omicron Beta Epsilon) – CSU-Northridge

Special Professional Award New Orleans Learning Inquiry with Margaret Wheatley – Barbara McFall (Omicron Beta Zeta) – West Virginia University