Board Members 2018-2019

The votes have been tallied, and we are proud to share that the KON Board of Directors for 2018-2019 will be:

Bridgett Clinton Scott, Chair
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

Janelle Walter, Chair-Elect
Baylor University

Amber Roth, 1st Vice Chair
Carson-Newman University

Crystal Duncan Lane, 2nd Vice Chair
Western Michigan University

Denise Fisher, Secretary
Harding University

Student Board Members:
Victoria (Tori) Williams, St. Catherine’s University
Brynn Carlson, Kansas State University
Ashney Williams, Iowa State University

Congratulations to all, and our thanks for agreeing to serve the members of Kappa Omicron Nu! Thanks also to the members of the nominating committee; Deborah Tippett and Kathleen O’Rourke (co-chairs), Joni Roh, Resa Ware, and Gwen Lucas. We appreciate all you do!

If you are an active member of KON and would like to be considered for a board or committee position, please submit the interest inventory, located at

See more about serving on a committee here:

2016-17 KON Scholarship Winners

This year’s outstanding winners of Kappa Omicron Nu scholarships, fellowships, and grants span the country from Maine to Florida in into the heartland of Iowa and Kansas. Congratulations to each of the recipients on their fine work and our best wishes for continued success!

Leslie Doolie, of Iowa State University’s Omicron Gamma chapter, is the 2016-2017 winner of the Eileen C. Maddex Master’s Fellowship in the amount of $2,000. Leslie is pursuing a master’s in human development and family studies. She is “passionate about community support programs, parental education, early intervention, and helping children and families to meet their best possible outcomes.” Her thesis is on “Early Indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders Based on Infant Breastfeeding Behaviors.”

The Maddex fellowship is awarded annually from an endowment in the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund in honor of Eileen’s outstanding contributions to the field during her tenure as the Executive Director of Kappa Omicron Nu’s predecessor, Omicron Nu.

Grace Violette, of the Omicron Alpha Beta chapter at the University of Maine, has won the 2016-2017 Omicron Nu Master’s Fellowship. The $2,000 award is given biennially from Kappa Omicron Nu’s Centennial Endowment Fund.

Grace is particularly drawn to research in the field of dietetics. Her goal is “to help children and families to build healthy lifestyles together, using nutrition as a topic of family conversation.” Her master’s thesis is titled “Investigating the Relationship among Sleep, Stress, and Body Mass Index in At-Risk, First-Year College Students.”

Mark Landess, PhD candidate from Kansas State University’s Omicron Theta chapter, has been awarded the 2016-2017 Kappa Omicron Nu Hettie M. Anthony Doctoral Fellowship in the amount of $2,000. The Anthony fellowship is awarded annually for doctoral research from an endowment in the Kappa Omicron Phi Fellowship Fund in honor of Hettie’s contributions to the field as founder of Kappa Omicron Phi at Northwest Missouri State University.

Mark receives the award to pursue his doctoral thesis, entitled “Rolling Away the Pain: A qualitative exploration of medical cannabis versus traditional medications on the quality of life for veterans combating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”  He seeks to utilize the skills gained from his PhD program to “continue to grow as an educator and leader…. to help guide and mentor my future students, by encouraging and supporting them in reaching their academic goals, like so many have done, and continue to do for me.”

Fiorella Carlos Chavez, currently pursuing her PhD with the Omicron Pi chapter at Florida State University, has been named the winner of both the Omicron Nu Research Award and the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Grant for a total of $6,000. The Omicron Nu Research Award for $2,000 is presented each year in recognition of exceptional doctoral research from the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund. The New Initiatives Grant, typically for $3,000, is awarded annually from the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Fund. Ms. Carlos Chavez has been awarded $1,500 for the first year of her research, with an additional $2,500 to be awarded in 2017-18, contingent upon the success of her first year’s research into “The Health and Cultural Challenges of Male Latino/Hispanic Emancipated Migrant Farmworker Youth (EMY): A Pilot Study.” She receives the Omicron Nu Research Award to pursue her graduate program.

Fiorella’s goal is to become a family scientist with researched focused on the well-being of minority families. In endeavoring to make significant contributions to the field of family studies, she is acknowledges that “research questions, significant findings, and publications belong to the community one wishes to improve and serve,” and is committed to sharing her knowledge “so that mental health professionals, researchers, academics, and the population at-large can become an active agent of change.”

Kappa Omicron Nu is proud to recognize and support the work of these and other outstanding students and professionals in the Human Sciences with nearly $35,000 in grant monies annually. In addition to congratulating these remarkable students, we also thank their chapter advisers for their dedication and service to KON, and for their superlative commitment to undergraduate and graduate student success: Adrienne White, Omicron Alpha Beta, University of Maine; Jennifer Van Ryswyk, Omicron Gamma, University of Iowa; Gregory Harris, Omicron Pi, Florida State University; and Mary Molt, Omicron Theta, Kansas State University.

Call for Undergraduate Student Research Papers for presentation at ScholarCon

Undergraduate students are eligible to submit research manuscripts, papers, and reports for presentation at the 2016 Research Session at ScholarCon, sponsored by Kappa Omicron Nu. (Orlando, FL, June 9-12, 2016)

Research not only bridges the gap between knowledge and experience but has the benefit of laying the groundwork for career exploration and development. The opportunity for undergraduates to participate in a national conference is an added value to the overall educational experience and to the process of self-discovery.


Call for nominations: Kappa Omicron Nu Election, 2015-2016

Nominations are now being accepted for the following Kappa Omicron Nu Board of Directors and committee positions. Candidates will be voted upon by the full membership in November/December, and new Board members will be seated at the 2016 Board meeting being held January 15-17, 2016.

  • Chair, 2017-2018 (to serve as Chair-Elect during 2016)
  • Vice Chair, 2016-2017
  • Nominating Committee, 2016-2017
  • Editorial Committee, 2016-2018

Qualified candidates will have maintained active membership status in Kappa Omicron Nu for at least the preceding 12 months.

Service to Kappa Omicron Nu offers:

  • Leadership opportunities.
  • Involvement with leaders in the field of family and consumer sciences.
  • Opportunity to promote Kappa Omicron Nu and the holistic nature of the profession.
  • Opportunity to enhance scholarship, research, and leadership in the profession.
  • Networking with chapters and members nationwide.
  • Flexible time commitment as determined by individual interests.
  • Support by National Office staff to carry out responsibilities.

Nominations should include name, contact information, and the position being nominated for, and should be submitted to no later than October 30, 2015.

Call for Undergraduate Student Research Papers for presentation at the 2016 AAFCS Annual Meeting

Call for Undergraduate Student Research Papers for presentation at the 2016 AAFCS Annual Meeting in Bellevue, Washington – June 22-25, 2016

Undergraduate student members of Kappa Omicron Nu and Phi Upsilon Omicron are eligible to submit research papers for presentation at the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Meeting in Bellevue, Washington. A committee of professionals reviews all submitted research papers, and one will be selected for presentation. Applicants should understand that an award carries the obligation of presenting the paper at the Coordinating Council of Honor Societies Function at the 2016 American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Meeting, June 22-25, 2016 in Bellevue, Washington.

Read more here

Summer Internship Opportunity

Kappa Omicron Nu and the Association of College Honor Societies have an exciting opportunity for a summer internship exploring all facets of running an organization and serving a diverse student membership.

Hours, start and end dates are all flexible and a small stipend will be paid. Strong preference will be given to Kappa Omicron Nu members or members of other ACHS certified societies.

Please apply online before May 30, 2015 for summer openings.

Kappa Omicron Nu Forum: New Article

History and Potential of Home Economics in the People’s Republic of China: Implications for Philosophy of Practice
By Peng Chen PhD, Higher Vocational Education College, China Women’s University

Abstract: Home Economics in the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.) has experienced different stages of development from its introduction in the 1840s, to its cancellation in the 1950s, to its recent reconstruction in 1978 and onward. Home Economics’ history in the P.R.C. is closely related to the nation’s modernization process, and with the evolution of women’s social status (Chen, 2012). This paper begins by describing the ongoing modernization process in China. This is a concern for Home Economics because political and economic reforms deeply shape daily life. Two theoretical frameworks inform this analysis, Chinese critical theory of daily life, and social gender theory. Following an historical overview of the evolution of Home Economics in China, pre-empted with a discussion of women’s education in China, the paper turns to a conversation about the impact this historical context might have on the extant philosophy of Home Economics in China.


Kappa Omicron Nu Forum: New Article

Postmodernism and Home Economics: Revitalizing the Conversation
By Sue L. T. McGregor, Mount Saint Vincent University

Abstract: Because we live in a postmodern time, the profession needs to continue to engage with the notion of postmodernism. To that end, this paper shares aspects of postmodernism and discusses whether or how home economics has addressed them over the years. Succinctly, home economists (family and consumer sciences, human sciences, human ecology) have rejected the ideas that society has no order, that ethics can be denied, and that there is no place for communicative rationality. In varying degrees, we have accepted relativism (unfortunately), pluralism, and complexity. The goal of this paper is to place postmodernism back on the philosophical radar of the profession as it moves forward into the 21st century.



LeaderShape 2014


by Alyssa Willis, Omicron Beta Theta

It’s hard to describe an experience that changes your life. For that reason, LeaderShape is difficult to describe. At the institute, I was allowed to not only be myself, but also grow into a more self aware and open-minded person. In one week I was able to meet future leaders of our country. Everyone at LeaderShape was all of similar ages and had ideas that could absolutely change our world for the better.

At first, it is always scary to be open to complete strangers. However, the environment that was created within our family cluster allowed me to talk openly and honestly with a small group of peers that always were engaged with what I had to say. They helped me develop my ideas and future goals by asking thoughtful questions. Being a leader, you must be accepting of isolation or criticism. At LeaderShape, I felt neither. The other students were accepting of everyone’s thoughts while also providing helpful feedback.

Throughout the week we were asked to complete different tasks that forced us to look deep into ourselves and be critical thinkers. I felt like I was challenged in a way that pushed me out of my comfort zone but I was always intrigued to stay engaged to the discussions and activities. I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend LeaderShape because of Kappa Omicron Nu. Not only did I feel that I grew as a future leader, but I made friends and contacts that will last me a lifetime, and that is priceless.

Kappa Omicron Nu Awards for 2015-2016

  • Master’s Fellowship

Eileen C. Maddex Fellowship—$2,000 awarded annually from an endowment in the         Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund in honor of her contributions as Omicron Nu Executive Director.

National Alumni Fellowship–$2,000 awarded biennially by the National Alumni Chapter.

  • Doctoral Fellowships

Hettie Margaret Anthony Fellowship—$2,000 awarded for doctoral study from the Kappa Omicron Phi Fellowship Fund in honor of her as founder of Kappa Omicron Phi at Northwest Missouri State.

Omicron Nu Research Fellowship—$2,000 awarded annually for doctoral research from the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund.

Betty Jeanne Root Fellowship—$2,000 awarded biennially for doctoral research.

Marjorie M. Brown Fellowship—four classifications of critical science research awards are available; one award among these alternatives will be granted annually – $10,000.

  • Research/Project Grants Cross-specialization and integrative research is the research priority for the honor society. Multi-year proposals will be considered.

National Alumni Chapter Grant—$1000 awarded annually as a project of the National Alumni Chapter.

New Initiatives Grant—$3,000—awarded annually from the Kappa Omicron Nu New Initiatives Fund.

Kappa Omicron Nu/Ruth E. Hawthorne Research Grant–$3,000—awarded to tenure track assistant professors seeking support for a research/creative activities agenda.

  • Chapter and Undergraduate Member Awards

LeaderShape Institute Award
Service-Learning Grant Program – 2 @ $500
School Bullying Undergraduate Research Grant Program – 2 @ $500
Scholar ProgramVariable Grants to chapters
Program Awards – Total – $2,000
     Kids & Careers
     Undergraduate Research Chapter Project
     Social Responsibility – Taking It To the Streets
     Social Responsibility – Bullying Initiative
     Undergraduate ResearchThree annual $300 awards with matching awards for
mentors. Class papers, independent research papers, and creative projects are eligible
for the reward.