Zimmerman Reports on LeaderShape

When asked about her experience at LeaderShape, Jessica Zimmerman of Kappa Alpha Tau Chapter of Bradley University, replied, "I had more than a good experience. LeaderShape was extremely inspirational and life changing. While on [the LeaderShape] campus I made friends with students and facilitators from all over the country. Throughout the week I learned from both the 'course' material as well as my fellow peers.

"The experience was very structured and intense with impacting messages and activities. Each of the six days had a focus, including (a) building community, (b) the value of one, the power of all, (c) challenging what is to what could be, (d) bringing vision to reality, (e) living and leading with integrity, and (f) staying in action. Of all the days, the fifth, which focused on living and leading with integrity and staying in action was my favorite. During this time we defined our individual top three core values, explored the six pillars of character (trustworthiness, fairness, respect, caring, responsibility, and citizenship), talked about dealing with complexity, explored the steps of forgiveness and its importance, and created a vision for who we want to be. Along with the above subjects in large groups, we also broke into our family clusters (a group of twelve with whom you work througout the week), small groups, and pairs.

"The sturcture of the program . . . encompass[ed] many formats to meet the needs of all learning tyes. If given the chance to return, I would without hesitaiton. I strongly recommend LeaderShape to anyone, whether a current leader or not; anyone who is willing to dedicate and challenge themselves throughout the program will benefit greatly from the program.

"Thank you very much for awarding me this opportunity; it was an unforgettable experience."

Kappa Omicron Nu sponsors one LeaderShape scholarship annually. Scroll down at www.kon.org/zwards/grants.html.