Announcing Social Responsibility Theme

The Kappa Omicron Nu Assembly of Delegates recently approved a resolution on Social Responsibility.

Program objectives include the following;

  • Promote, encourage, and strengthen leadership development at all levels of the campus community in regard to social responsibility.
  • Engage in a dialogue among student groups regarding social responsibility.
  • Commit to a leadership role in increasing campus and community awareness of a local issue or concern.
  • Serve as role models of leadership.

The following proposed actions are encouraged:

  • Collaborate with unit administrators and faculty and/or with other honor societies or student groups on campus to determne ways to promote social responsibiity during 2009-2012;
  • Develop an action plan to promote social responsibility;
  • Institute activities to promote social responsibility, evaluate them, and revise to enhance their effectiveness; and
  • Publicize accomplishments and recognize participants.

All members and chapters have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the quality of living.